About Us

  love Tony confinement service center in Beijing by the Beijing Bureau of industry and Commerce approved and registered a professional maternal and child care institutions. Company Manager is industry experts, engaged in business management months sister-in-law industry near 7 years, on maternal and child health and confined nursing, professional has rich of management experience and advanced of business concept, this Center to science know for based, provides professional into human of service, and put maternal and child nursing established in science of based on, company has modern of management level, Beijing love Bell months sister-in-law, and Beijing months sister-in-law, and Beijing months sister-in-law company, and Beijing months sister-in-law price, and Beijing please months sister-in-law how many money, and Beijing months sister-in-law network, and Beijing months sister-in-law intermediary, and Beijing which home months sister-in-law company good, and Beijing best of months sister-in-law company and on waiter implementation employees business management, and its employees most from Beijing of laid off workers and the outside Fu of re-employment training in the conveying of personnel, company strictly checks filter hired, each employees are after has strictly of training and the assessment, and holding card induction, company constantly strengthened all employees of service concept, and integrated quality and the professional nursing level.
we of culture (integrity, and responsibility, and care):
integrity is a attitude, more is a quality
responsibility is moral guidelines, more is play
care is pay, more is faith
we to thoughtful, and professional, and kind of maternal and child nursing service, love of dedication spirit, help mother do confined, and concern baby of each one minutes, care baby of growth!