Clients need to know

  a, and hired parental sister-in-law:
first phone Advisory, then carry effective documents (identity card) to company selected people, staff will tried to help
you selected most right of service personnel, signed contract, and prepaid waiter first a months wage and contract guarantees gold 300 yuan, to maintenance company of unified management, stay successfully perform contract Hou wage by company to waiter, contract guarantees gold in contract end Hou, waiter left customer service at returned to company Hou returned.
II, and hired months sister-in-law:
need ahead of 2 week scheduled months sister-in-law, first phone advisory or to company check out archives information, also can online selected, staff help recommended, set good candidates Hou by company contact waiter in agreed time to company for interview, customer carry effective documents (identity card) to company selected people, customer interview qualified Hou signed contract, and prepaid months sister-in-law one months wage and contract guarantees gold 300 yuan, to maintenance company of unified management, Subject to the satisfactory completion of the contract paid by the company staff, contract and payment after the end of the contract, the waiter returned after the left back to the company by the customer service department. Three, notes
/> 1, patiently helping staff are familiar with and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, especially in the safe use of household electrical appliances, gas, although I am training them, but different behavior in all appliance models, used in different ways.
2, most of the waiters came to Beijing for the first time, even some waiter can't overcome nostalgia mood and asked to return home. Pay more attention to their daily lives, ideologically more communication, more encouraging than harsh criticism cannot be yelled at, for the purpose of emotional stability, relief work, weather the break-in period (about 1-2 months).
3, the home of valuables and cash should be kept properly, not to loose, so as not to lose.
4, to provide staff with the necessary living conditions and working conditions, respect for the personality, without discrimination and to embarrass, not to abuse, to ensure their personal safety, do not let the work of staff engaged in possible injury, disability, or shall bear the legal consequences.
5, please do not loan or payment in advance, if the waiter asked to return home to see, to be agreed by the company and to company procedures before they can leave. Company is not responsible for the working end of the borrowing.
6, if you change the home address and telephone number, please notify company to company management services. Please renew the company when the contract expires, or teacher door-to-door for a home visit can be.
7, the company is customer and waiter labor relations and contract between witness, do not privately agreed with the attendant labor agreement, if a problem occurs, the company will not take any responsibility.
8, please feel free to contact the company in question, if the waiter on the character and moral behaviour, please timely feedback to the company in order to grasp the situation of the company, the timely replacement, returned to the country of origin and take preventive measures to ensure safety.