"Confinement" is not bad habits

  I am a gynecologist, for now there were heated discussions "confinement", I would like to talk about my views. Confinement is Chinese people's habits are not fake, really is coming from ancient times, but everything to the times, an objective assessment, I do not agree "the confinement was most affected by the Chinese cultural traditions with Chinese characteristics".
in 21st century, we advocate the "confinement of science ', is that maternal postpartum month adjusted because of pregnancy, childbirth, physical changes, revised from a sub health state to healthy status. Family with a new Member, as mothers to learn to take care of the child, breastfeeding, to adapt to the child's life, by a daughter of mind gradually adapt to the mentality of being a mother to complete a journey from love to love. When the full moon as to maternal health for families, for the children to pay.
said the so-called bad habits, mainly refers to "women not only confined, bed, and close all Windows and doors tightly. Women also wore a hat or wrapped in towels, wear thick clothes, even if it is a hot day must also be true. In order to avoid "cold" maternity cannot wash, bathe, not water, not even brush your teeth. Women cannot drink cold water, cold drinks, can't eat "cool" food. "
this claims is too extreme has, now we of life conditions and ancient cannot than, pregnancy we know added folic acid, and added calcium, has perinatal health; in hospital delivery, has full of medical facilities for maternal protect, has strictly of disinfection isolation measures avoid infection; we family life conditions in improved, now has air conditioning, and heating, and has shower, and has bathroom; regardless of city and rural, regardless of building and bungalow. Modern medical and health knowledge to the popularity of the ancient guy a lot, these are the basis of modern science in confinement. Ancient
are not brushing your teeth is due to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, I do not know calcium, osteoporosis, so "give birth to a child loses a tooth." Not to take a bath in ancient, there is no good condition now, pregnant woman gives birth to a child, are a lot of mattress sweat every day, Miyaguchi gradually shrink, out daily many Lochia, bathe, but to dry the body, dressed and out, don't let the air conditioning blowing room temperature of 26 degrees in summer. To prevent heat stroke in summer, room ventilation every day, even if the air conditioning, it failed to open for some time, and then open the window. Children and adults just need to look cool on a summer gown.
have to admit there's a difference between Chinese and Western people, Chinese people drink hot water, cold drinks in the West; Chinese are thin hairs, Westerners who are thick hairs on the Chinese diet to whole grains, Western diet on milk and meat, and so on, so I can't completely from this Western life form in Chinese.
the confinement is scientific, therefore we are human, no bad habits, and traditional Chinese medicine is also irrelevant. As people do when confined in some way is reasonable.
we advocated confinement.
: "confinement":
described in Wikipedia:
lying in the rites, which can be traced back to the Western Han dynasty, has a history of more than 2000 years ago, called "months" is necessary for postnatal ritual sex. Sociological argument, confinement is to assist women through life transitions, because infant body, life has changed, from the wife to mother, from an outsider at home, and confinement of ceremonies leading to divine status for women, people around willing to pay for her maternal cumulative inequality took the opportunity to vent emotions, elimination of long-term constant overwork. Either postpartum or postnatal, means that women have to rest in bed, nursed back to good health, reproductive organs and the body as soon as possible.
"Chinese code" stated: "confinement" means women having a baby and one month after giving birth, nursed back to health.