Confinement food "should be" and "exclusive"

  diet supplement during the month production consumes a lot of energy, also manufactured milk, this is the new mother in the diet of most concern issue. Today we'll learn about the confinement of "easy" and "exclusive". Postpartum more the
postpartum should add water. However, most of the new mother breast tube has not been completely smooth, not too eager to promote lactation drink soup, or swollen breasts of the first two or three days after birth may be you want to cry in pain. You can have a little egg soup, fish soup is a light soup, soup is not salty.
reminder: best creamy soup to drink less, oil in the soup, and will also increase the amount of fat in the milk, digestive function in neonates with incomplete, too much fat in the milk may make the baby with diarrhea. Postpartum cannot drink water
/> wrong.
plenty of water, is to strengthen the Detox must do homework, all biochemical reactions must be dissolved in water to make, waste discharge must also, of course, through aqueous solutions can be effectively excluded, so that when people drink less water when waste cannot be completely removed, so can have toxic effects of body cells accumulate in the body. So after giving birth, must increase water intake. Postpartum should avoid cold
from a medical point of view, women consume large amounts of energy due to childbirth, hormone levels dropped significantly after the birth, newborn and delivery of the placenta, which reduce maternal metabolism, physique from hot to cold. Therefore, Chinese medicine advocates proper postpartum, was too raw and cold food to eat too much. Like cold drinks, cold dishes, salads and so on, take out from the fridge of fruits and food is best warm before you eat it.
Note: some cold dishes unpasteurized, weak constitutions and new MOM postpartum, resistance is low, and suffer from gastrointestinal diseases such as gastroenteritis. Some cold fruits, such as watermelon, pears should not eat, some weakness of the spleen, which may cause diarrhea. Of course, in the summer can be a little cooking, pay attention to too much. Postpartum can't eat

This is a one-sided view of vegetables and fruits.
some people to postpartum proper grounds, vegetables are mostly cool, postpartum should eat more meat and eggs to add strength, don't eat or eat fewer vegetables. In fact, most of the vegetables as long as properly cooked, taste may not be cold. And it has a lot of vitamins in vegetables, the new mother's resume is a lot of good. Moisture and cellulose in vegetable, fruit pectin is also beneficial for preventing postpartum constipation. Postpartum should eat more vegetables, and appropriate to eat fruit. In hot summer weather, moderate eating fruit can prevent heat stroke.
warning: for people with deficiency physique, but few eating bitter melon, Chinese wolfberry vegetables, radish sprouts, celery and other too-cool dishes. Postpartum avoid eating spicy warm dry food
because spicy temperature dry food can help heat, and makes maternal suffering rose, has may will appeared tongue health sores, big constipation knot or hemorrhoids, symptoms, also may through milk makes baby heat aggravated, so diet should be light, especially in postpartum 5-7 days within, should to soft rice, and egg soup, mainly, don't eat too greasy and spicy of food, for example special garlic, and pepper, and pepper, and fennel, and wine, and leek, spicy temperature dry food and seasoning spice. Postpartum to
this view is dangerous.
everyone's body is different, and nutritional requirements are not exactly the same, to complement the human body lacks appropriate health supplements or herbs are beneficial to the body's balance, and inappropriate or excessive additional harmful body. Postpartum Lochia discharge are sluggish, dull ache in the lower abdomen and can have some brown sugar, motherwort or soup, or rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine. If there is no such situation, or not eat, some of Constitution special hot women, anyway, probably after eating such blood, silt discharging of any food or drug, special increase or postpartum hemorrhage caused by constipation.
reminder: be careful mending! If a family has a habit of tonic, longan, Astragalus membranaceus, codonopsis pilosula, Angelica is in the blood and Qi-invigorating traditional Chinese medicine into the soup, but the best postpartum Lochia excreted or color is no longer bright red after eating, as it may cause blood circulation, increases postpartum hemorrhage, commonly known as covering. Because the longan contains substances inhibit uterine contractions, not conducive to the contractions of the uterus recover, not conducive to postpartum congestion out.
is the most secure method of different food supplements of medicine or medicine is best to go looking, Chinese medicine, such as pulse, then the programme supplements.
eat fruit during the confinement is completely, but be aware of not eating just out of the fridge too cold fruit, including the mentioned drinks, ice cream cold foods do not eat during confinement, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, bananas can be eaten.