Confinement diet three major stages:

  mother asked many mothers say that confinement is constantly eating milk, nutritious soup to drink hard, if this had been a large number of supplements, may weigh more than childbirth! How should I eat during confinement?
period of confinement as a whole can be divided into three stages.
diet consisting mainly of the first postnatal week: refused to greasy taste to fresh
focus of this phase is an appetizer rather than a tonic. Because no matter what kind of delivery, new mothers first few days feel a poor appetite. This phase should eat some light meat, such as chicken, fish, served with seasonal vegetables stir, taste fresh and nutritionally balanced. Fruits such as oranges, Grapefruits, Kiwi have appetizer.
blood to postpartum second week: eat more food and blood vitamin
entered the second week of the month, mothers can start eating out as much blood and food to recuperates. Apples, pears, bananas can help relieve constipation and rich in iron, liver is rich in vitamins, these are all very good vitamin supplements and blood tonic.
to promote lactation after half a month of delivery: prolactin
baby of a good time not to abandon the soup to half a month later, nurse and nurse time formation, mother's milk rhythm began with the needs of the baby out, but will not feel swollen breasts. In fact, if the baby's urine, weight gain is normal, very quiet dairy meals, shows that breast milk is sufficient. If mothers worry about whether mother is eating enough, during this time you can begin to eat food that promote lactation.