Starting from confinement to slim

  the golden period of 6 months postpartum weight loss, just take advantage of this period of time, postpartum to restore the ideal weight is not difficult.
slim first postpartum weight recipes
to help his mother as soon as possible to achieve their goals, Lee recommended vegetarian, Chinese slimming diet, let the mother postpartum weight first step.
vegetarian recipes of high cellulose content, other fruits and vegetables other than most people are familiar with, rice, whole grain bread are also rich in cellulose, have not only a sense of satiety but can prevent constipation. Low oil vegetarian cooking, food, light, easy to digest, to avoid excessive intake of fat.
and design of TCM recipes, finish out for postpartum mother eat lean and carp, rich in protein will help lactation; not lactating mother is focused on strengthening the spleen and supplementing Qi, improve postpartum puffiness problem. Postpartum weight-loss medicine
for lactating mothers
diet and adequate nutrition, avoiding inadequate secretion of breast milk.
white gourd and Pearl barley soup
material and winter melon 250 g barley 100 25 grams chicken grams
practices wash melon, peeled and cut in a saucepan add barley (must be soaked for half an hour or more), chicken, water, first with the fire to boil, and then simmer for 40 minutes.
melon-abdominal edema elimination.
barley-light of supplementing Qi, invigorating the spleen to diuresis.
-lean meat rich in protein and low in fat.
this just postpartum abdominal edema elimination.
Lei Jiang Sitang
material 10 gram 50 g corn silk ginger carp fillet, salt
practices to internal organs, cut into sections. Plantain, corn silk, carp into the pot, add the right amount of water with the fire to boil, and then simmer cooked, add salt to taste.
CARP-diuretic edema elimination and promoting milk secretion.
plantain, maize-diuretic.
This may help women improve lower-body fat that is both General milk.
application objects are not lactating mothers
diet avoid eating too much cold food.
semen raphani porridge
materials radish seed 15 grams of rice 60 g
practice of semen raphani and rice washed, cooked into a porridge in the pot, taking every morning and night.
radish seed-Qi and resolving phlegm phlegm stains.
rice-spleen Qi not greasy not flatulence.
this side of water and fertilizer on obesity and effective. Anemarrhena asphodeloides
Lotus leaf tea leaves 15 g
material by banxia Poria 20 g dried orange peel 20 grams 15 grams of licorice root 5 g ginger 3 piece mother 15 g
practices of the above drug add water 1 000 ml, taken before meals.
Lotus-treating obesity, long clothing is thin.
of pinellia ternata-resolving phlegm and dampness.
fu ling-jianpi dampness.
Orange-Qi and phlegm. Ginger-water
eliminate itchy.
-licorice blended herbs.
-qingre xiehuo rhizoma anemarrhenae, nourishing yin for moistening dryness. This herbal tea
valid for postpartum puffiness. Postpartum weight loss vegetarian
application object: not lactating vegetarian mothers after delivery.
effect: low in calories and rich in nutrients.
first, package
rice porridge half bowl
coarse grains rice 7 points full
rice 7 points full
tomato burn tofu 1 copies
roast vegetarian 1 copies
noodles 7 points full
Braised Bean intestinal 1 copies
chestnut spit Division 1 copies
carrot fried xihu 50 grams
pigment burn three mushroom 1 copies
wide type pickles 1 copies
rape 50 Grams
cooking spent 1 copies
fried spinach 1 copies
milk 1 cup
fruits and vegetables 1 a
grape 10~13 star
Second, package
rough surface bread half
rice 7 points full
coarse grains rice 7 points full
carrot fried bean bags 1 copies
eggs tofu 1 copies
taro chicken 1 copies
powder steam pigment meat 1 copies < BR/> steam dish volume 1 copies
shoots 50 grams
lettuce salad 1 copies
Sesame Shepherd's purse 1 copies
amaranth 50 grams
cabbage 50 grams
cauliflower 50 grams
no sugar milk 1 cup
cherry 6 star
papaya 1/3 a
food effect
rice • coarse grains rice • rough surface bread
improve body basal metabolic speed, is rich in starch, and vitamin b, and vitamin e, and cellulose, Help the bowels, preventing constipation.
bean curd yellow bean, are rich in protein, calcium and isoflavones, and helps lower cholesterol and strengthen bone. Low in calories, rich in lycopene, tomatoes, can prevent aging.
chestnut chicken toast • taro
is a rich source of protein and carbohydrate.
grilled vegetarian • bowel • steamed meat stewed beans • carrots sautéed beans • steamed cabbage rolls
vegetarian chicken, beans, sausage, meat, beans yellow bean products, rich in protein. Carrots are rich in vitamins, spleen and stomach, digestion. Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber.
sugar-free soy milk
high quality source of protein, rich in estrogen.
/> burning of three mushrooms are rich in vitamins, potassium, iron and fiber.
wide kimchi
fiber-rich, low calorie feel full.
sautéed spinach
rich in b vitamins, fiber, and blood tonic effect.
low calorie, high fiber feel full.
help digestion, blood and diuretic.
blood, gastrointestinal motility.

papaya helps digestion and defecation.