Confined water confinement meals online can you eat

  generation mother-to-be Zhang was 6 months pregnant, ready for a baby was born she is pregnant and postpartum care products with great concern. Recently, online sales are very popular "confinement meals" and "confined water" due to her interest, "buy out water really nutritious? On child development have any impact? "
/> confined water, confined meal yesterday, contacted a confinement food sellers Taobao. Sellers introduce confined water molecules are smaller and are more likely to be absorbed by the maternal, and can prevent abdominal PTOSIS.
said, now buy confinement meals is the main customer of higher-income generation white collar MOM. "They are more likely to accept new things, and some people bought gifts. "
reporter comments found on the Internet, sold well not only confined water, confined packages are also very popular. A cheap packages of more than 1000 Yuan, while your million.
online sales month meal and confined water sellers are mostly recommended "desktop months theory", according to the statement, during the period of confinement should follow the "drop in, grain of salt free" principle, otherwise it will affect milk secretion and body recovery.
not ordinary drinking water, drink only specially confined water, high temperature distillation water is made from rice, some herbs are also added. Not only that, all drinking water and soup should be drawn from a special confined water, meaning that women during the confinement period, cooking soup, wash water should be confined.
in order to verify this claim, many Taobao sellers also have stars, for example, to illustrate the powerful effect of confined water and confined feeding.
confinement period, the maternal water more
confinement period, do you really not ordinary drinking water? With questions, the reporters came to the city hospital.
"during confinement cannot drink water? I never heard of it. "City hospital obstetric Ward Director von Director listened to reporters here, surprised.
von Director said that not only never heard of maternity care cannot drink water, cesarean birth within 6 hours must be water, can guarantee the peristalsis.
when he heard that month when water is rice wine distillation, Feng Xiumei is shaking his head, "alcohol in the confined water, drink a lot of possible fed to infants through breast milk, is not conducive to infant development. Postnatal women should drink more water; water, if mothers really do as online said, very likely counterproductive. "
as regards the prevention of abdominal PTOSIS said, Director Feng pointed out, women during pregnancy, uterus and skin was stretched because of fetal growth, but the skin is elastic, if in postpartum by the guidance of a doctor's training, completely back to normal. "The birth is a normal physiological process does not result in internal organs shifting. "
in addition, the" grain of salt dip, "said is detrimental to the mother and child.
"substances of salt is essential for the human body, if the lack of salt in the body can lead to electrolyte disturbances, bad for your health. While stress confinement food to light, because for women, light meal will taste better. ”

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