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Prolactin breasts description of service 1

Prolactin breasts description of service 1

  mother of milk is baby of life of source
breast is baby best of food, breast in guarantee baby health growth aspects is other any food are no can alternative of, breast contains baby need of various nutrition components, can immediately was absorption; and breast contains resistance variety disease of antibody, immune globulin, and bite bacteria enzyme, and swallowed cell, and trace elements, and content quite high, these immune globulin on improve newborn resistance, promote newborn health development, has very important of role And because breast milk contains antibodies that protect the intestinal mucosa to prevent intestinal diseases. High calorie high protein content, easy to digest and absorb.
sum up breast milk offers many advantages, we must cherish, especially the first few days postpartum colostrum immune antibody content best, do not waste away.
professional urged milk introduced and the service project
love Bell months sister-in-law Service Center provides professional urged milk, and pass milk, take modern science method, will lost milk tube a root a root one-time all dredge, on maternal postpartum no milk or less milk and the breast pain has unique of treatment method, guarantee let children eat Shang breast;
one-on-one for breast feeding science of guide, and provides urged milk soup catering, guarantee children smooth of eat Shang quality of breast;
science meeting into method unique, Effective to avoid maternal back milk trouble mastitis, breast hyperplasia, disease;
for some maternal appeared of nipple SAG, flat tits or blind tits has unique of nursing method;
for maternal provides note matters, and science parental method of professional guide;
for maternal provides science of nutrition catering;
provides breast nursing, and beauty chest, and breast service, for beauty people and postpartum to for breast nursing beauty of ladies provides service.
love Tony confinement Service Center since its inception for many women to lift breast, breast, breast swelling, pain less. Identified in the maternal postpartum mammary swelling masses or enthusiasts, please contact.

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